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March 7, 2020 ~ 10 am - 4 pm

Held in McCleary VFW, McCleary, WA

Thank you for your interest in bringing wedding resources closer to Grays Harbor!



  1. To support wedding vendors that are either based in Grays Harbor or are willing to serve weddings all the way across Grays Harbor and bring resources closer to engaged couples planning their weddings around the Harbor.

  2. To give newlyweds a way to sell wedding decor and items that they only needed for their wedding day and to give engaged couples a place to shop for decor at discounted prices. 

Since this is our first year getting started, we have introductory vendor prices! Please be sure to provide complete information on either the Wedding Vendor Form OR the Flea Market Seller Form. It allows us to be able to contact you while doing business, as well as promote your business in our event marketing.

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