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Wedding Coordination Packages

Here are some options that may help you during your wedding planning. The links below can provide you with more details based on what your needs might be. Have a good handle on the planning process, but don't want to be the person everyone goes to the day of? Consider our smallest package. Want to show up to your own big day without getting caught up in all the logistics? Maybe think about our complete, Full Planning package. If you don't see anything here that can assist you, we are happy to customize something that will work.


Day-Of Wedding Coordination

This package is designed specifically for couples in need of someone to be the go-to person on the day of their wedding. Starting a few months before your wedding day, we begin to gather information about the wedding details and vendors that you have booked. We’ll discuss the timeline, important contacts, checklists, and other critical details with you. Then, we will execute these items on the day of your wedding so you can relax and enjoy the whole experience.

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